“Curvy CEO”  is a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, DC. She spends her days pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill – attending congressional hearings, hosting policy briefings, and orchestrating meetings to represent client interests before Congress and the White House. Despite having such a “serious” job, her undying love of all things style, fashion, and beauty caused her to constantly search for “the perfect” blazer, handbag, dress, or statement neckpiece. Soon, she became the “go to” person among my friends and colleagues for fashion advice. It was the never-ending quest to find corporate, but cute plus-size attire that guided her to launch!


“Curvy” talks with us today about blogging and being a professional woman, and how and why she keeps her work life separate from her blogging life.  She offers great tips and resources for other bloggers and up and coming bloggers.  


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